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Lose Weight Fast – First Steps To Start Losing Weight

“How to lose weight”. That phrase has been typed into search engines since the dawn of the internet. It is one of the biggest keywords on google with over millions of websites, articles, and blogs. So what’s the problem. Shouldn’t it be so much easier […]

Skinny Fit Detox Tea Review

Skinny Fit is a tea brand that specifically makes teas for detoxifying your body. With the benefits of regular tea, these detox teas add additional ingredients that clears toxins, helps your metabolism and other benefits.  Product Info Product Name: SkinnyFit Detox Tea Price: $69.96 Size: […]

A Healthy You – What Does It Mean To Live A Healthy Life?

When you think of a “healthy lifestyle”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For most people it has something to do with how they eat or if they are getting enough exercise. For both of these this is very true, but many […]

Carbon 60 Review – The Miracle Molecule

Carbon 60, or known by the scientific community as Buckminsterfullerene, is a carbon molecule that has been proven by many scientific studies to have many health benefits. In this review, I will dive into the background of this revolutionary product and why I recommend it […]